[SP-M] Breaking Her In

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[SP-M] Breaking Her In

Post by Kagura » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:38 am
Kagura rolled a 1 (d4), 2 (d6), 6 (d8), 4 (d12), 14 (d20)

Kagura slowly began to move her limbs. Fingers dug into the soil around her as she slowly began to get to her knees. She felt odd and strange, waking up as she did just moments before entering the realm of Elder Tale. However, when the blur lifted from her bright pink eyes, she realized she was no longer in her house or her bedroom. The girl shifted with a groan, scratching the turf of her hair with her right hand.

“What the hell…?” she noticed bracers on her arms as her fingers rested down back towards the terra firma. Her eyes widened when she noticed she was in a forest of some kind. Her eyes gave a wondrous stare as she attempted to piece together what was going on. Slowly she got to her feet with a slight wobble, holding her head in the process and steadied herself. Giving a blank stare this time, she felt her body and looked down, “Well, I have boobs now. That’s different…” she recalled her more flat chested appearance back home, but this seemed like the world of Elder Tale around her, not the mansion of a house she called home in Japan. Silently she looked around and it began to make some sense. She was in the game, or somehow was having a very lucid dream. These clothes, this armor, these weapons; they were all part of her in game avatar.

She slowly began to tug away at the mask that was hiding her lower face. The air was ripe with freshness, a small grin formed on her face as she looked around, and then there was a rustling in the bushes. Her eyes went wide when several figures leapt out at her. Startled and alarmed, she backed away and nearly slipped running her small fingers along the ribbon of her katana in the back. But the figures that had surprised her fell to one knee hands on the ground, “Empress Kagura!” they said in unison. Her breathing had been picked up from the alarmed and anxious state she was in. Her fingers lifted off the hilt of her Katana and she lowered her eyes to the three players before her.

“Stand up and report.” Her command was swift and her voice was not what she was expecting. It carried over from the real world with that authoritative tone. Of course these three individuals were her guild mates so to speak. They never really started a guild, but they were in a lot of raid groups together and caused all kinds of hell for players. They seemed loyal to the end and even as of now in this odd world, they were still loyal and sought her out first and foremost.

From their kneeling position, they stood up and reported their findings. It seems like they had exhausted all their sources of information, the only thing left was to find their ‘Empress.’ They had filled in the blanks, but most of what was reported to her seemed to have already been common sense. They were stuck in Elder Tale but for what reason? Her stats and level have been reverted, and she had nothing more than starter gear on her. This was quite problematic as she had spent months building this avatar and now she would have to begin from square one. With a sigh, she rubbed her temple with two fingers in a circular motion as they once again kneeled down at her.
She folded her arms over her chest and looked away from them as she spoke as if they were nothing more than commoners, “What of the rest of The Foot?” she asked dryly.

“Not in our friend’s list, they seemed to have mostly vanished or never logged back in. It is just the four of us now.”
“I see. Well then, it looks like we start over from here. We’ll rendezvous at Nakasu of the Ninetails Domain. Stay out of the path of the mobs until then, unless you feel like you can take them on at your level. Don’t do anything reckless like getting yourself killed out there,” she had given them the command and just like that in a blink of an eye they were gone. The small girl who barely reached five feet in height was now alone once again, but she was not without information.


[SP-M] Breaking Her In


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