Staff Application Form (Closed Temporarily)

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Staff Application Form (Closed Temporarily)

Post by Maou » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:51 am
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[b]Staff Area:[/b] (System Dev, Event/Quest Dev, Artistic Dev, Evaluation Dev, Monitor Dev)

[b]Reason For Applying:[/b]

[b]Proof of Competence:[/b]

[b]"How did you find the site?":[/b]


[b]Previous Experiences:[/b]

1. What are these Areas?

These Areas are the different sub-divisions of the Mod Team. Each one specializes in a field, although this does not mean you are prohibited from assisting in other fields, in fact it's encouraged.

- System Devs deal with the fighting systems, economy systems, and all of those aspects of the game. Event/Quest Devs are required to try and present suggestions for possible activities the players can do as favors to Landers or for other reasons, since Landers will be the main source of Quests but it is not exclusively limited to them. The Artistic Devs will be the ones to present a more graphical, musical and, well, artistic presence on the site, from making images/models/etc. of Mobs and important figures to composing artistic expressions for the different occurrences on the site such as songs or poems. Evaluation Devs will focus on the evaluation, monitoring and approval of player crafts, purchases and RP activity, they are our Royal Guard to put it into simple words. Monitor's are basically the ones making sure work is getting done while also providing their own efforts into the various fields, they are in a sense the leaders of the team, this one is for seasoned members as they will be the go to people when in need of answers other staff members aren't sure of or if what that staff member says is questioned.

2. Reason for Applying?

This one seems pretty clear, why do you wish to join the team and why that specific area as well. Please be serious here as this can make or break your application quite easily.

3. What is "Proof of Competence"?

What this means is to present an example of why you should be brought into X area. The only exception being Evaluation, in which case you will be monitored to make sure everything is going in accordance with the rules. For all other fields you will produce something that belongs to your field, artwork, proto-quest line or event, understanding of the current system and its inner workings, etc.

4. How did you find the site?

Pretty simple question to answer. Did you get here via a friend or perhaps you were/are a member of one of our sister sites (SAO and RWBY), etc.

5. Reference?

Did another member of the team suggest you join? If so who was it?

6. Pervious Experiences?

Have you previously worked as a mod on an RP site? Or even in an RP group? If you have then try and see if you can provide a way to contact these people in order to hear their evaluation of you. If not then that's fine, this is just a bonus to get to know you a little better as a worker instead of an RPer.

That is all there is to it, now go on ahead and submit your application today! Good luck!

(PM your application to Team Members Maou and Suzume)


Staff Application Form (Closed Temporarily)


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