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Guild Approval Thread

Post by Artemis » Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:40 am
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~ Guilds ~

Guilds are a way for players to play together and organize raids with other players or even good friends! How do you submit a guild? The individual who is going to be the leader will have to fill out and post the application form in this thread.

~ Rules ~

» Guild leader must be at least level 5.
» To complete the Guild Charter you must obtain a minimum of 4 other players to help start the guild. No level requirement for members.

~ Application Form ~

Guild Name:
Type of guild: (Battle, Production, PK)
Description: (Describe your guild, your plans, and what it means to you as the player)
HQ: (link to thread after approval/purchase)

Post your applications here after you meet the requirements.
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Guild Approval Thread


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